How to Pass - English for Business - Level 3

How to Pass - English for Business - Level 3

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Exercises book to prepare the examination

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This book is one of 4 course books preparing students for the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry International Qualifications (LCCIIQ)”English for Business” (EfB) examinations.

  • This book:
    • Is the officially recognised preparation book for English for Business third Level.
    • Uses Authentic examination Questions.
    • Includes two complete examination papers.
    • Incorporates a step-by-step approach which is easy to follow.
    • Gives guidance and practice in each of the examination tasks.
    • Demonstrates how to answer exam questions.
    • Provides answers to all questions.
    • Lists all the words in a glossary
    • Can be used as a class-book or for self-study.
    • Prepares students for the LCCIIQ “English for Business third Level” Examination.
  • This book is relevant to anyone who uses English as a medium of communication and can be used as an exam preparation tool as a revision guide.
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