Targeting Britain

Targeting Britain

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Landeskunde Großbritannien Kultur, Geschichte, Gesellschaft

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The United Kingdom is a country steeped in history, culture and tradition; its heritage is fascinatingly rich and its monarchs and politicians have always had great influence on world affairs. But the world is changing, and Britain�s economic, social and political strengths are being permanently put to the test; greater European co-operation and the demands of globalisation are putting pressure on Britain to examine her traditional ways. From many quarters, people are now asking: "Who are the Brits?". By examining her society and institutions, we hope to be able to give some answers to the question. This book is a revised new edition of the first effort, published in 1993. At that time, we had a look around and discovered that no other book actually met our requirements or those of undergraduate students and the public at large. We only found books that were too simple (classical school books) or too scientific and detailed to be of any use to readers who are interested in a short but comprehensive overview of what Britain is all about. Our attempt might be seen as a compromise between two extremes and is designed to reach students at early university level as well as students preparing for international secretarial and management examinations. But, above all, everyone interested in the political, social and economic structure of the UK might also find this book a helpful guide to Britain and her characteristics. Social and political institutions change very rapidly. Even though this is a revised and updated edition, no book such as ours can claim to be up-to-date for long, and we hope that readers will forgive us if events take place at a quicker pace than we are able to cope with. We have deliberately tried to maintain a general approach without narrowing things down to a particular period of time, but even during the time it took us to compile this revised edition, things changed in Britain - a good sign, we may add, for a society alive and ready to adapt to a changing world. Note to teachers This book is to be used as a basis but not the only source for class-work. We hope that every teacher using this book would expand on it with additional material and, perhaps, anecdotes.


Michael Alger was a teacher of English in Liverpool for nine years before moving to Hamburg in 1988. As Head of English Studies, he was responsible for the coordination of social studies and management courses. He is now running his own consultancy firm. Martin Thurn-Mithoff has been teaching in England and Germany since 1976, specialising in social studies and translation technique. He is member of various professional examination boards and, as a qualified economic translator, is a member of the BDU (Federation of German Translators).

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