How to Pass - English for Business - First Level

How to Pass - English for Business - First Level

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Organisation of the course-

The aim of the qualification is to examine the candidate´s ability to understand and write basic English and use it simple brief business communications.
A succesful candidate will demonstrate an ability to read simple business-related English texts an write clear simple English which completes a basic business task in a suitable style and layout for its intended purpose.

  • Objectives
    A succesful candidate will be able to:
    Demonstrate understanding of simple business-related communications.
    Read,interpret and respond to simple business texts and data.
    Adapt simple form of office correspondence and other data to produce completed fprmats such a charts, tables booking forms and report forms.
    Write in continuous English simple business-style letters and memos based on given imformations.

Useful Publication

RG Mellor and V Davison, How to Pass English for Business 1. Level:preparation and Exercices Book ISBN 3922514 28 6

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