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A collection of grammatical, logical and just humorous errors for advanced level language awareness

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"Oops!" is intended for advanced learners as an opener, as a close, or simply as something to slip in „in between“. Each page of five quotations should take no more than 30 and can, in fact, with experienced groups, be completed in as little as 15 minutes. Ideally, students should cover each page in small group work using, initially, the check sheet found at the beginning of the book. When this check sheet is studied for the first time, it will require a longer session. The quotations are authentic and have been kept in the order in which they were recorded. They provide students with an opportunity to develop their own language awareness. The teaching notes have been a bone of contention. The original idea was for teachers to tackle the work in their own way. However, comments from script readers, primarily Alan Riley and Graham Willis, induced me to add at least some guiding lines. I am indebted to these two people, especially Graham Willis, for repeated scouring of the material and invaluable comments. I also owe a large word of thanks to Roger Ansell, who most carefully checked the grammatical content. If the final outcome of those teaching notes seems, to experienced colleagues, to be superfluous, I sincerely hope that they will revert to their own experience when presenting the material. At the same time, may those same notes be at least of guidance to those requiring more.

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