How to... Speak and Impress

How to... Speak and Impress

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Never being without words again! Modern English communication for all circumstances.

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Keep cool and feel the power of conversation š 'How to speak and impress' is intended for upper intermediate and advanced learners of English who are interested in participating in discussions on various thought-provoking themes. š A careful selection of themes and writings (in 'Extra Reading') is made, bearing in mind the most important aspect of 'learning': that learning has to be enjoyable - students must have fun while they are learning. š Each chapter covers important grammatical structures and provides scope for practising them. š East-west comparisons occur at various stages and interest in other cultures and mentalities is aroused, leading to hefty discussion. š The thread of 'global thinking' runs through the book providing students with an opportunity to develop an awareness and to think globally whenever necessary. š 'Points for Discussion' provide food for thought and instigate conversation among the learners, too.

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