The Stategic Managing of Human Resources

The Stategic Managing of Human Resources

ISBN: 978-0-273-71386-9
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This book is ideal for students of advanced undergraduate modules in HRM, masters programmes in HRM, CIPD specialist electives and MBA and DMS students.
Starting from the premise that managing human resources strategically is crucial for long-term organisational success this book is essential reading for future line managers as well as Human Resource Specialists. The authors define"human resources" as the capabilities and potential that people bring to work organisations. They examine the process of negociation, argument, conflict and resolution in all human resource exchanges within a range of management issues. Within this process, the authors suggest, managers need to make a series of strategic choises among which a direct or an indirect, evolving human resource stategy is critical.

About the authors

John Leopold is Professor of Human Ressource Management, Lynette Harris is Professor of HRM & Professional Practice and Tony Watson is professor of Organisational and Managerial Behaviour, all at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University.

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