Project Management

Project Management

ISBN: 978-1-861152-274-0
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What make a project successful? How feasible is your project budget? Who are the stakeholders? Can I produce a schedule without using a computer? What should I do about the risks? Would using an earned value system or a configuration management help?
These and many other essential questions are answered in this book.

Project management covers all the basic principles and the reader can apply these to a range of projects. The text examines in some detail the specific issues relating to industrial and technological projects.
Project management is designed to equip the reader with knowledge and techniques to manage projects successfully at every stage of the process, from project iniation to post-project review. This book is an essential quide to the life cycles of projects and the role of the project manager.

The Authors:
Mike Fied and Laurie Keller have developed this book from their experiences in the industry and their work at The Open University. The are delivered project management courses successfully to over 6000 Students.