Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

ISBN: 978-0-273-68356-8
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Principles and Practice

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The fourth edition of corporate Finance is a concice introduction to the core concepts and key topic areas of corporate finance. It offers integrated coverage of a three key decision areas in finance _ investment, financing and dividends - using a clear and logical framework for study and incorporates a wide range of topical real-world examples allowing students to relate theory to practice. This book provides the ideal structure for any corporate finance course, particularly where there are time constraints due to modular delivery.
Corporate Finance: Principles & Practice is suitable for specialist and non-specialist corporate and business finance courses at undergraduate, DMS and MBA/Management at Masters level.

Key features

  • Provides as student-friendly approach to the key topics in corporate finance.
  • Introduces appropriate tools and techniques for financial manager
  • Vignettes featuring well-known companies to illustrate topics
  • Worked examples to cons0lidate learning points.
  • Wide range of question material, both for practice and group discussion.

New features

  • Full-colour format with and excellent range of features, including key points referenced throughout the text, to help student  learning and development.
  • Analysis of growing areas such as value management and shareholder value.
  • Questions that encourage critical thinking.
  • A downloadable web supplement is available for lecturers and students at

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